We offer a wide range of services used to tailor a tennis consulting package that is a perfect fit for you and your child.


Crosscourt Consulting offers a wide range of services and packages to help tennis families navigate the junior tennis system with confidence. Our packages are multi-faceted and range from advice, to full coordinated planning with the player, parents and coach.

Phone, Skype or In-Person Consultations

Have a question? Wish there was someone to give you proper tennis advice? Crosscourt Consulting can answer your questions efficiently and effectively via phone, Skype, email or in person.

Introduction to Junior Tennis

Just getting started? Crosscourt Consulting can educate you on  the pathways and options to launching your child’s tennis journey.

Tournament Planning

Whether your child is just starting to compete or he/she is a veteran player, Crosscourt Consulting can assist you in effective tournament planning.

Developmental Planning

Crosscourt Consulting will work directly with your child’s private coach or training program coaches to write a Developmental plan. A developmental plan is a set of objectives and goals that addresses a players technical, tactical, physical, emotional and mental skills. The plan creates a pathway and measurable objectives to help the player, coach and family reach the desired goals set forth in the plan.

Periodization Planning

A periodization plan is a defined period of time (often associated with a Developmental Plan) that can range from weeks to months. A periodization plan can occur multiple times in a calendar year and within a developmental plan.

Home Schooling, On-line Schooling & Modified Schedules

One of the more difficult challenges as a tennis player is balancing academics with demanding training and traveling schedule. There are many alternatives to traditional schedules for young athletes now. Through our years of experience we can  provide our clients with the advantages and disadvantages of the options available in today’s market.

Parent Support & Education

As a tennis parent, you will experience a number of “firsts” through your child’s tennis journey. Crosscourt Consulting can help parents develop the skills necessary to create an effective and supportive sports family.

Goal Development

As a tennis player it is important to set goals so that you can: capitalizing on opportunities, obtain sectional endorsement and sectional/national initiatives. Crosscourt Consulting can help a player and family align their goals and objectives to balance tennis, academics and family life.

Introduction to Nationals

USTA National, ITF & UTR
As a player advances through sectional play, opportunities to compete on a national and international level can materialize. Crosscourt Consulting helps its clients prepare, earn and navigate the opportunities.


On Court Evaluation by a Crosscourt Consultant

A number of packages include an on court evaluation by either Jeff or Tim to asses a players skill level, competencies relative to sectional and national play and a players physical, mental and emotional fitness.

Performance Team Services

Crosscourt Consulting has a Performance Team of experts to assist in your child’s development. Our philosophy is that a holistic approach is necessary to become a complete athlete. Our Performance Team includes experts and advisors in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Sports Family Coach/Advisor, Video expert, Technical and Tactical expert. Any and all of these experts can be networked into any consulting package selected.



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