USTA Serves issued a special report releasing the results of a comprehensive study of junior tennis players. The results are fascinating.

According to the study, kids who play tennis, are overall better students and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as cigarette smoking, binge drinking or drug use. They found that in the United States, 8% of all adolescent boys and 9% of all adolescent girls played tennis at some point during the past year. Almost twice as many tennis playing youths reported getting A’s in school, compared to students who did not play any sport. More tennis playing students reported earning A’s than students playing any other contact or non-contact sport. Tennis players were most likely to report both that they would go to college, and that they would finish college and earn a degree.

And, not surprisingly, adolescent tennis players are less likely to be overweight than all other teenagers.

The authors of the report concluded: “The data paint a portrait of tennis players as well-rounded, basically successful at school and involved with extracurricular activities. Tennis players also appear to be healthy overall and less prone to key adolescent health-risk behaviors than non-athletes and contact sports participants.”