Frequently Asked Questions

Does CCC work with all USTA sections?

Yes, we work with all 17 USTA sections.

Do I have to pay the full fee up front or can I pay in installments?

The fee is paid in full at the time the agreement is signed. For a small service fee, we can establish a payment plan. 

Can I upgrade my service agreement after my inception date?


Where does your on court work take place?

We use multiple facilities around the New England area. We can also meet you at your home club. 

Are the service providers tennis professionals too?

Yes, we hold USPTA and USTA High Performance Coach certifications. Our Performance Team members also hold degrees and certifications of the highest standards in their respective fields.

What are the ages of players that CCC works with?

CCC starts with the USTA Youth Progression system up to college age athletes.

Does CCC accept credit cards?


Does CCC recommend programs and coaches?

We can provide a list of qualified programs and certified coaches in your area. We also provide clients with a list of questions to ask when interviewing a coach or program director.

Can I reach you or my child's coach reach you at any time with questions?

Clients have unlimited contact time. 

Does Crosscourt Consulting offer a discount for multiple family members subscribed to the service?


How long is the term of the agreement?

All agreements are a minimum of 12 months. 

What if my child suddenly decides they no longer want to play or is injured? Is the fee partially re-fundable?

If a player is injured, we can extend the agreement until he/she is fully recovered.

Does CCC communicate with my child’s coach?

Yes, as frequently as needed.



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